Peaceful Protest

Election integrity investigator Matt Braynard asks why he is the lone voice asking the DOJ to drop charges against 142 peaceful MAGA protesters who exercised their First Amendment rights on January 6th. Stephen K. Bannon says the answer is obvious: “The kowtowing and cowardice of the Republican establishment is on full display.”

Read Braynard’s letter to DOJ

The Biggest Story of the Day

Stephen K. Bannon reveals what’s coming: mandatory vaccines of your children to achieve herd immunity, courtesy of Tony Fauci.

A trial balloon about vaccinating children was floated in the Associated Press on Monday evening, revealing the globalists’ plans for this summer.

Fauci’s push for vaccinating children comes just days after the Biden regime released a report that argues more research is needed to determine if the vaccine is safe for children. The report calls to “continue research and development to ensure the availability of safe and effective vaccines” for adolescents and children.

Trial balloon: Vaccinating children for COVID could be key to achieving herd immunity

Fauci sees vaccination for kids by late spring or the summer

Tony Fauci lied about herd immunity

Burma is About the CCP

Jack Posobiec explains why the military coup in Burma is all about the Chinese Communist Party. 

“The fact of the matter is Biden is afraid to stand up to China,” Posobiec said, pointing out how Biden and his Secretary of State Tony Blinken have gone completely MIA on the issue.

More Biden Ties to the CCP

Natalie Winters joins War Room on her exclusive report that shows the extensive ties between top Biden regime officials and the Chinese Communist Party.

Several officials, including Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan served at Harvard’s Belfer Center, which is aligned with the Chinese military and has a long history of touting the CCP’s party line. @NatalieGWinters

Biden’s top officials have worked hand in hand with the CCP and the PLA

Harvard University’s Belfer Center hosts conferences with the CCP, frequently publishes papers peddling CCP narratives, all while refusing to disclose its source of funding.

Pretty Illusions

Darren Beattie of Revolver news joins War Room on two new thought-provoking pieces on the implications of the Globalists American empire and its war on the average citizen. 

READ: The Globalist American Empire Declares All-Out War On the American People

With Zero Moral Authority Left, The Globalist American Empire is Doomed to Fail at Home and Abroad


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