The Real Cancer on the GOP

Joey Correnti IV, chairman of the Carbon County Wyoming Republican Party, gives an update on the growing momentum to censure Liz Cheney for her impeachment vote.

10 Counties Have Censured Liz Cheney So Far

McConnell Calls GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a “Cancer For the Republican Party” – Greene Responds

Missing the Mark

Stephen K. Bannon says President Trump’s lead impeachment lawyer is not going big enough, and must bring up election fraud.

“That is what’s called missing the mark,” he said. “And here you have to hit the mark.”

“You gotta bring the heat,” he said.

Democrats file impeachment brief

Flashback: Hillary tells Biden don’t concede under any circumstances

It’s Groundhog Day (Again)

Boris Epshteyn says the Democrats’ impeachment brief is Groundhog Day all over again, and suggests a three-part plan for President Trump’s defense. 1) This is unconstitutional 2) There was no incitement 3) You have to fight back on this notion of the “Big Lie” and show the election fraud.

Bannon says, “There’s only one counter to this: you have to show the receipts.”

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Asymmetrical Warfare

Matt Braynard explains why the Lindsey Graham strategy on impeachment is insufficient: it’s asymmetrical. President Trump should go in “guns blazing,” because anything less is not adequate in fighting off the Democrats. Follow @MattBraynard


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