We Were Right and They Were Wrong

Watch Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein: The Lab Hypothesis on Bill Maher

You mean that Peter Navarro?

The Best Counter to the New York Times

Peter Navarro debunks the New York Times anti-election fraud piece and exposes how the coordination between the mainstream media and the Democrats continues apace.

“You had enough fake ballots on camera being counted multiple times to swing that election,” in Georgia Navarro says. The NYT is merely “a fluffer for the Democrat Party to launch their three days of hell raining down on the president” with their impeachment sham.

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Now the GameStop Reddit Rebellion is ‘Russian Disinformation’

War Room breaks down the latest impeachment polling, Jimmy Kimmel pushing Chuck Schumer’s talking points again, and what happened with GameStop on Wall Street today with Boris Epshteyn.

Another useful idiot: Jimmy Kimmel calls reddit investors ‘Russian disrupters’

The Second Impeachment is More Important Than the First

War Room explains why the impeachment sham is so important, and reveal the latest Republican senator to show his true establishment colors.

Ted Cruz throws President Trump under the bus


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