They Want Him to Fight

War Room calls the New York Times’ 10,000-word bluff: they’re not confident.

If there was really nothing to the election fraud, Democrats and the media would welcome the argument. But they don’t. The last thing they want is for President Trump to show all of the damning evidence in the well of the senate. 

“If they thought Trump had nothing, they would want Trump to roll in,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

Raheem Kassam says the NYT story is 10,000 words long “and 9,000 words are opinion.” And their opinion is clear: they want a fixed fight for the impeachment trial where voter fraud cannot be mentioned.

John Fredericks says the Deplorables want to hear from President Trump directly and to have all the evidence be heard.

“They want their day in court, they’ve never had it,” Fredericks said. “They simply want a hearing. And they want President Trump to lead it.”

Bannon says there is no other way to persuade the country, no better forum to galvanize the country in epic fashion.

Professor Clements’ Receipts on Election Fraud


How Much Blood Does Fauci Have on His Hands? 

Dr. Maria Ryan, president and CEO of Cottage Hospital, joins War Room for an update on the latest controversies surrounding the CCP virus vaccines.

Raheem Kassam rips Dr. Fauci and asks between all the lies about hydroxychloroquine and no masks, yes masks, three masks good, three masks bad, how much blood does Dr. Fauci have on his hands?

Report: Chinese Military Testing Covid-19 Vaccine in Fall 19

Bond Villain Klaus: ‘Nobody will be safe’ until everyone is vaccinated 

Facebook restores post promoting hydroxychloroquine 


What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

War Room discusses what the media already knew but would only report on when they have no more use for the Lincoln Project: John Weaver spent years victimizing young men.

Lincoln Project Founder ‘Harassed’ Over 20 Young Men, Including 14-Year-Old, With ‘Sexual’ Messages

Liar George Conway Tells MSNBC that He Didn’t Know Groomer John Weaver Well — Then This OpEd They Co-Wrote in the NY Times Resurfaces

Media knew about Weaver since 2004

Flashback: Lincoln Project funneled $10 million to itself


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