Fake News from NYT

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responds to the fabrication in the New York Times that the White House was involved in the Texas lawsuit. Instead the NYT  “ought to be concerned about that and the direction of our democracy and whether we have one anymore.” Follow @TXAG

Every Biden regime executive order


That is Not the United States of America 

Eric Greitens, host of Actionable Intelligence, explains how to effectively use the National Guard: against actual threats like antifa. The former Missouri governor explains how to effectively beat antifa and how to save the Republican Party from lobbyists and insiders.

“Just because somebody has an ‘R’ behind their name doesn’t mean they are on the side of the american people,” Greitens said.


Don’t Be Caught Napping

“Not a Wall Street Guy” Dan David updates War Room on the immoral and illegal behavior tamping down on reddit investors. David says Elizabeth Warren is right about one thing: Wall Street is a rigged system.

“And she should know, Congress rigged it.”

Melvin Capital lost 53%


Biden is Illegitimate. Sorry, Not Sorry

What does Democracy look like? Not an empty fake inauguration with more troops than people.

“What Democracy looks like is a yellow-haired cartoon with sunglasses and it says WallStreetBets under it.”


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