War Room calls the New York Times’ 10,000-word bluff: they’re not confident.

If there was really nothing to the election fraud, the political establishment and the media would welcome the argument. But they won’t. The last thing they want is for President Trump to show all of the damning evidence in the well of the senate. 

“If they thought Trump had nothing, they would want Trump to roll in,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

Raheem Kassam says the NYT story is 10,000 words long “and 9,000 words are opinion.” And their opinion is clear: they want a fixed fight for the impeachment trial where voter fraud cannot be mentioned.

John Fredericks says the Deplorables want to hear from President Trump directly and to have all the evidence be heard.

“They want their day in court, they’ve never had it,” Fredericks said. “They simply want a hearing. And they want President Trump to lead it.”

Bannon says there is no other way to persuade the country, and no better forum than for President Trump to return to the swamp and make his case.

“This will be the biggest show in television history. What could be more dramatic?” asked Bannon. “Trump returns from Elba, right, to basically come to the corrupt capitol — it’s Gladiator. He comes back to the capitol to take on the vested interests.”


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