From Palin to the Reddit Peasant Revolt  

Michael Glassner, COO of the Trump campaign, and Stephen K. Bannon explain how the roots of the reddit populist revolt on Wall Street go back to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. 

“People were fed up with institutions in America that was really the beginning of this movement,” Glassner said. “She lit the match. Trump was the bomb that went off that took this movement to a new level.” Follow @MichaelGlassner


Presler’s Election Integrity Action Plan

Scott Presler has a game plan to pass election integrity reform before 2022.

“Your one phone call is not just one phone call,” he said. “You’re actually representing thousands of voters who don’t take the time to make a phone call or write an email.”

“That is what you’re able to do even as one person.” Follow @ScottPresler

Do you want election integrity reform? Here’s what to do

Virginia Rule Allowing Late Ballots Missing Postmark Was Illegal, Court Rules


No, Chuck, It Was Not Fair and Square

The election was fraudulent. “We’re never going to say it’s fair and square, we’re just not going to do it,” says Stephen K. Bannon. Plus, Scott Presler shares more resources to change politics at the local level.

Struggle session: Sleepy EyesChuck Todd wants Tate Reeves to say illegitimate Biden ‘won fair and square’



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