‘This is a Perfect Storm’

Mike Cernovich joins War Room to explain the interconnectedness of the reddit peasant revolt, and how it brings moral clarity.

“It’s right there in our faces now. We’re peasants, we’re serfs, we deserve nothing, we will own nothing and be happy” who are indentured servants to the ruling class. “They hate us.”

“If you’re a threat to the real power base which is the wall street media complex, the elite will rally to destroy all of you,” he said. Follow @cernovich Telegram @cernovich

‘Who are you?!’: Charles Payne rips Charlie Gasperino for shilling for hedge


2022: Our Last Stand

Mike Cernovich says the solution is not a third party, but to “get on the GOP,” call for hearings, and primary the Liz Cheneys of the world, because 2022 is “our last stand.”


New Analysis: ‘100% Probability’ CCP Virus Came from a Lab 

Dr. Steven Quay, chairman and CEO of Atossa Therapeutics, explains his new Bayesian analysis that shows a 100 percent probability that the CCP virus “came from a lab.”

Get Dr. Quay’s white paper
Klaus Scwab: ‘Nobody will be safe’ until entire world is vaccinated

‘The CCP Built a Chernobyl’


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