The Next Phase of Populism

Stephen K. Bannon explains the populist uprising on Wall Street is payback for the financial collapse in 2008. This is “Financial #StoptheSteal,” says Raheem Kassam, and just the next iteration of the populist nationalist movements that aren’t going anywhere.

Boris Epshteyn updates on what the reddit rebels did overnight: “The little guy held strong.” 

Wall Street sitting on $71 billion short losses that were bet against American entrepreneurs 

Fmr. SEC Commissioner: GameStock Short Squeeze Not Unlike What We Saw At The Capitol On January 6


President Trump is the Republican Party 

Stephen K. Bannon explains how Wyoming, Wall Street, the nation’s capital, and Mar-a-lago are connected: “This is american people standing up.” Plus: why President Trump is the Republican Party. 

Frank Biden stars in ad for ambulance chasing law firm


Wall Street Wins, Heads or Tails

Steve Cortes explains the insider vs. outsider game being waged by the aristocracy on Wall Street against the average American.

From Big Tech cracking down on online discussion, and oligarchs shutting down the ability of individuals to buy stocks, Cortes said the collusion is real and “it’s in our face.”

“This is emblematic of a larger truth that there’s an emerging oligarchy in this country,” Cortes said. “This is just the latest manifestation of it.”

Cortes said the GameStop short fight is historic, a “fulcrum week” where nonpolitical Americans see the depths the elite will go to to protect their wealth and power. Subtlety is out the window.

Stephen K. Bannon explains, it’s the “managed decline of a failed elite.”


The American economic nationalist populist cause gains steam…

Bloomberg Terminal calls reddit rebels ‘stock insurrection’


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