Stephen K. Bannon explains the populist uprising on Wall Street is payback for the financial collapse in 2008.

“This is an inflection point,” Bannon said. “Remember: we’re winning here. You can see by the look and the eye of the Biden administration and these other oligarchs. They need to try to shut everything down and it’s going to fail.”

The crack down on reddit investors is indicative of the political realignment underway that will change the direction of the country away from the oligarchs towards the working working class.

“This is payback for the 2008 financial collapse in 2008 and the bailouts and how Wall Street was taken care of and the little guy was crushed,” Bannon said.

Raheem Kassam likens the crack down on reddit traders as a “Financial #StoptheSteal,” and the next iteration of the populist nationalist movements that aren’t going anywhere.


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