The MAGA movement is alive and well in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Amanda Shae, editor of the Populist Press, and Catherine O’Neill of Real America’s Voice reported live from the anti-Liz Cheney rally organized by Rep. Matt Gaetz.

“Everybody that lives in Wyoming showed up today,” Shae said. “Her favorability in this state is nonexistent.”

MAGA supporters were out in full force. Rep. Gaetz played a recording from President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. appeared at the event.

“If Wyoming can beat Liz Cheney, it will bring Washington DC to its knees,” Gaetz said. “We deserve American excellence. The corporate politicians have big checkbooks, but we have the spirit.”

“It’s going to take everyone of us working together to drive our agenda to save our country,” Gaetz added. “You can help me break this corrupt system. Send Liz Cheney home.”

O’Neill predicted Cheney is not long for Wyoming, and notes that the RINO Republican doesn’t even live there anyway.



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