‘Don’t Say Eat the Rich, Primary the Rich’

Stephen K. Bannon goes on an epic rant to wake up millennials: the political class has screwed you.

“What’s happening in Wyoming is directly tied to what’s happening in Wall Street is directly tied to what’s happening in Mar-a-lago is directly tied to what’s going to happen in the Senate next week.”

“You’re seeing the complete cartel come together,” Bannon said. The cartel of hedge funds, law firms, and consulting firms are all working against the average American. 

A major political realignment is occurring that transcends left and right. Gutting Title IX and ruining women’s sports and blocking reddit GameStop trades all are moves against the American family.

“All you have to do is watch and the scales are going to fall off your eyes,” Bannon said.


The Realignment of Politics

Wyoming grassroots organizer April Poley updates on growing momentum against Liz Cheney and previews the rally in Cheyenne with Matt Gaetz.


Attend the anti-Liz Cheney rally TODAY.

Ouch: Cheney gets 10% support in first post-impeachment vote poll.


‘We Want a Fair and Honest Audit. It’s That Simple’

Liz Harris, of the Arizona GOP, gives an update on the Maricopa County audit, and explains why she’s demanding Allied security operations group and Tesla Laboratories 

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Rudy Giuliani has a solution to getting an honest audit instead of relying on Big Tech lackeys: “You have two autopsies.” 

“I want our people to examine it first, and then they can have all the examinations they want,” Giuliani said. “There’s nobody independent to do this. The reality is not that many people do, secondly they’ve funded these certification groups.”

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This is Not Treatment as Usual

Melissa Huray, executive director of the Lindell Recovery Network, explains what sets Mike Lindell’s addiction treatment apart.

Visit: The Lindell Recovery Network.


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