Steve Cortes explains how the democratization of information and unified action has given the little guy the power to take on Wall Street. The hedge funds don’t like it when the average investor gets to play their game, and are now changing the rules in the fourth quarter.

“It’s like the Super Bowl in the fourth quarter and you’re playing the Kansas City Chiefs and the opposite team is the Bad News Bears,” Bannon said.

Locking out reddit traders and banning forums for made up “hate speech,” the establishment is up to its old tricks. The same oligarchs in the political world are the same as the ones rigging the system on Wall Street and in Big Tech and in Big Media.

“The oligarchs are exposed for what they’re doing to America,” Cortes said. And they won’t win.

“Trying to keep populism under water is like trying to keep that beach ball underwater,” Cortes said. “You cannot keep it underwater.”



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