Stephen K. Bannon tells the unwashed millennial and Gen Z masses to embrace their vote for Biden and what it got them: Russian serfdom.

“The system is in your grill,” he said. “And now you’re seeing it in all its glory.”

Bannon explains how the hedge funds trying to take out GameStop is all tied together.

“You’re seeing the way the system works,” Bannon said. “The uniparty in Washington, D.C. and the cartel in Wall Street of the hedge funds and investment banks, all of that stuff about their politics? It’s pro-wrestling. It’s all in the foreground. When it gets down to what counts, their making of money, and you are underwriting them.”

Bannon says this is a teachable moment for the millennials to wake up to how Democrats and political elites are screwing them. Bannon also sends a message to AOC: “Don’t say eat the rich. Primary the rich.”



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