It Came From Wuhan

Bill Gertz was right, the Washington Post was wrong. The Washington Times reporter and columnist explains how the Chinese Communist Party is to blame for the Wuhan coronavirus. 

“It’s clear this virus came most likely from the lab,” Gertz said.

Gertz cites three sources of evidence to back up his claim. Workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology had covid-like symptoms in the autumn of 2019; the lab was conducting gain of function manipulation experiments of bat coronavirus in the lab with a virus more than 96 percent similar to the coronavirus; and the People’s Liberation Army has been conducting biowarfare experiments at the lab since at least 2016.

“The CCP is trying to control the global narrative,” Gertz said. “How do they do that? They have a $1 billion influence operation underway.” Gertz explains how China controls news outlets, public speakers, and is “literally buying off politicians to tout their line.”

Gertz also explains how to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable, dissects Xi’s Davos propaganda speech and the Biden regime’s appeasement towards the CCP.


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Declassified U.S. intelligence bolsters Wuhan lab theory in coronavirus outbreak

CCP’s War on the Unborn

Support the Lindell Recovery Network

Melissa Huray, executive director of the Lindell Recovery Network, updates the show on the left’s effort to cancel Mike Lindell and why it won’t work.

Huray explains the mission of Lindell’s addiction recovery program is to give people hope and drive people towards Jesus Christ.

“There’s something so powerful about talking to someone else who’s been where you’ve been,” Huray said.

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The Lindell Recovery Network’s church ministry.


The Great Short of GameStop 

Dan David, founder of Wolfpack Research, explains why the short of GameStop represents a bigger picture of failed monetary policy in the U.S.

The political establishment is mad about the wrong people playing in the stock market, and more regulations are coming. David, one of the legendary shorts in China, says his sources tell him the Securities Exchange Commission is gearing up to limit the ability of individual investors in the market.

“They’re going to start regulating against the individual investors,” David said. “I know for a fact the SEC is discussing it right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if [Jerome] Powell spoke on it today.”

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