Border Agents Revolt Against Biden Regime

Combat journalist Michael Yon reports live from the border on the building revolt among Border Patrol agents who do not want to go along with the lawless open borders policies of the Biden regime.

The illegitimate regime’s moves to stop border wall construction and end the remain in Mexico policy will lead to high increases in sex and drug trafficking. “The border patrol does not want to do this,” Yon said.

The United States of Um-erica

Biden can’t handle a pen


The Stepford President

Former White House Stenographer Mike McCormick reacts to Joe Biden’s 12-minute prompter speech followed by a brief bout with a pen. McCormick says the episode is further confirmation of his assessment after working with him up close for six years that Biden has lost 50 percent of his cognitive capabilities. 

“What’s going on with him? How does he work a suit?” McCormick said. “It’s almost like he’s a Stepford President.”

McCormick says the media is propping up Biden. “They’re trying to make it seem like he’s not vulnerable. He’s extremely vulnerable.”

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Impeachment Isn’t About Trump, It’s About You

Where are the conservatives? Terry Schilling reveals the American Principles Project is the only conservative group actively fighting the second sham impeachment.

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Save Women’s Sports

U.S. Army Captain Maureen Bannon talks about her experience of playing women’s volleyball leading to more opportunities and why the Biden regime’s redefining of gender will destroy a generation of women.

“We need to fight for biological women,” Bannon says, encouraging parents to get involved early to stop the destruction of girls’ sports.

Terry Schilling explains how the Biden regime is trying to reverse Title IX funding for women to have sports leagues in colleges.

“We all know the biology here,” Schilling said. “[Biden] took all these opportunities away from women on day one.”

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Digital Book Burning

Thomas Spence, president of Regnery Publishing, joins War Room to explain why he stepped in to publish Josh Hawley’s book about censorship after it was censored  by Simon and Schuster.

“We took this book because we think it will sell well, as well as it’s a good book, it’s an important book, it ought to be published,” Spence said.

Hawley’s book will be published on May 4, 2021. Pre-order here.

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