‘They’re Coming For You’

War Room shows you what it really looks like inside the Green Zone around Capitol Hill. Peter Navarro gets suspended from Twitter in a preemptive strike on free speech. 

“We are the opposition,” says Jack Posobiec, and we need to find other platforms to get information out. “It ain’t gonna be Twitter and Instagram and Facebook anymore.”

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You Must Resist

War Room discusses the Biden regime’s 43 executive orders it forced through in less than a week, including putting the phrase “China virus” down the memory hole.

One year after Bill Gertz reported on Wuhan lab, we have confirmation the CCP virus being a bioweapon was not a “fringe conspiracy,” it was fact.

Peter Navarro reacts to the Biden regime’s nominee to be U.S. ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s ties to a CCP-funded confucius institute.

Biden’s United Nations Nominee Praised China At CCP-Funded Institute

Biden regime bans term ‘China Virus’ by executive order


The Little Guy Never Gets a Bailout

War Room discusses the Game Stop short with Boris Epshteyn, who says it’s exhilarating to see what’s happening on Wall Street today. But the establishment doesn’t like that “4chan found a Bloomberg terminal” and reddit starts trading. 

 “The system is rigged to the hedge funds,” Bannon says.


America Had a Birthday in 1776, Not 1619

 Dr. Carol Swain, vice chairman of President Trump’s 1776 commission, responds to the Biden regime’s lies about the project and American history.

“I don’t believe he read the report,” Swain said of Biden. “He went after us because our report directly challenges the lies that are in the 1619 project that the NY Times put out. Biden uses the word unity, but right out the gate he goes after American history. 

“He is a puppet of the left,” Swain says.

Swain debunks the lie that America was founded on slavery, and blasts the anti-historical 1619 Project, which is based solely on critical race theory and is “Marxist to its core.”

Her message to liberals: Read the report for yourself. The important work of the 1776 commission will continue, despite Biden’s canceling the project. Follow @CarolMSwain for updates.

Watch: Conversations with Dr. Carol Swain

Read the 1776 commission’s first report.


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