Newly re-elected chair of the Arizona Republican Party Dr. Kelli Ward joins War Room to vow Republicans are “not going back to the dark days before Trump.”

Ward said the days of Republicans who pretend to represent America First policies only to betray their voters when it matters are over. The Arizona GOP voted to censure Doug Ducey, Cindy McCain, and Jeff Flake for not representing the average Republican voter in their state, who wants to see real fight.

“We’re fighting for something bigger than ourselves,” Ward said. “They are fighting for themselves. That has to stop.” 

Ward also explained how Doug Ducey prevented election integrity and offered an update on the forensic audit in Arizona, saying the audit and upcoming impeachment trial must get to the bottom of election fraud to ensure Americans have confidence that their vote matters.

“We’re going to win and win big,” Ward said. “We are going to see a whole new day for who actually gets to be our voice.”


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