Here We Are Again

Peter Navarro and Jack Posobiec assess the pandemic and impeachment, exactly like War Room did a year ago. Navarro talks the illegitimate third Obama-Biden term and CCP Dictator Xi’s victory lap at Davos.

“Davos was not a good day for America and it never is, unless President Trump is there pushing economic nationalism,” Navarro said.


Embrace the Suck of Tony Fauci

Biden deserves Tony Fauci, both are pathological morons who are way overpaid. Peter Navarro explains why War Room has been right and Fauci has been wrong from the beginning.

Fauci the highest paid out of 4M federal employees


We Would Not Be in This Situation if Mike Pence Had Done the Right Thing

John Eastman sets the record straight on what the President Trump asked of VP Pence: follow the Constitution and give state legislators more time to finish their review of election fraud.

Eastman says Pence’s letter was a giant straw man. There was “no discussion whatsoever in that letter about what he was actually asked to do.” Pence instead moved the goalposts and neglected his duty to the Constitution to send electoral disputes back to the states. 

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READ: Setting the Record Straight on the POTUS “Ask”
Vice President Pence was not asked to reject electoral votes


How Boomers Ruined Everything 

Helen Andrews, senior editor The American Conservative, joins War Room to discuss her new book on how Boomers — both liberal and conservative alike — destroy everything they touch.

“They were undone by their own virtues,” Andrews says. “Hoist by their own petard.”

Despite best intentions, “the boomers truly don’t understand how precarious civilization can be,” and have wreaked havoc on American institutions and community life. Follow @herandrews.

Get the book Boomers: The Men and Women Who Promised Freedom and Delivered Disaster.




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