Patriots Rally in Florida Against Cancel Culture

Truthbomber Karyn Turk joins the show live from the rally to support My Pillow in Boca Raton, Florida where patriots are standing up against Big Tech oligarchs and the left who are trying to cancel Americans.

Turk reveals the power of the War Room audience, and says the key is for patriotic Americans to unite together. “The left does a very good job of sticking together, we as conservatives need to do the same…and say we’re not going to tolerate this.” Follow @mrsflorida2016


Everybody’s in Fight Mode Now

Scott Presler joins War Room as co-host and says “enough talking, start doing.” Find out who he thinks should face a primary first.

Boris Epshteyn exposes Mitch McConnell’s plan to expunge President Trump’s legacy from the Republican Party. Epshteyn says talk of giving President Trump more time is fake news, and the goal is to expedite the senate trial to memory hole the Trump presidency as soon as possible.

President Trump hires South Carolina attorney Butch Bowers for impeachment

‘Incitement’ timeline debunked: Impossible for President Trump to incite Capitol Hill riot


‘If You’re Serious About Winning in 2022, It’s Going to Start First with Election Integrity Reform’

Scott Pressler explains why it’s so important to fix state election systems so the grassroots can believe their vote matters. 

Director of Citizens Investigation Liz Harris joins from Maricopa County to warn the new audit of the Nov. 3 election in Arizona will rubber stamp fraud. Harris urges War Room’s audience to call state senators in Arizona to demand an honest and independent audit that looks at the physical ballots.



‘This Will Not Go Away’

Joey Correnti IV, chairman of the Carbon County Wyoming Republican Party, returns to War Room to give an update on holding Liz Cheney accountable for betraying her voters.

“It’s a huge mistake to continue the trend of underestimating Wyoming,” Correnti said. Correnti said the local Republican Party is demanding Cheney appear on February 6 at the state central committee meeting and vowed “this will not go away.” Stephen K. Bannon predicts Cheney will not survive her leadership role in the House of Representatives, and Scott Presler is booking his trip to Wyoming. 

“I have two words for Liz Cheney,” Pressler said. “Eric Cantor.”


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