‘This Is About Action’

Raheem Kassam explains how the National Guard fiasco is part of the archetypal color revolution playbook that the neoconservative establishment has deployed all around the world. “Now they’ve brought that same playbook here to the United States,” Kassam said. Follow @Raheem

Kassam explains how the doers like Scott Presler and Terry Schilling are going to secure freedom by organizing the grassroots.

Jack Posbiec says the PLA was celebrating the Biden regime, and breaks news on the CCP’s massive incursion into Taiwanese airspace. 

DeSantis, Abbott, Sununu order National Guard troops back from DC

Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese air force


The Great Reset Equals the Great Serfdom 

War Room interviews S.G. Cheah, of Evie magazine, who explains why the Party of Davos’s Great Reset is “actually worse than communism.” 

The global elite’s plans for 1984-style fascism will result in you having no rights, universal tracking, and no free speech. 

“They tell you ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy.’ What they don’t tell you is they will own everything and they will own you,” Cheah says.

Read S.G. Cheah Follow @SGCheah


The Feminization Of Men Cheats Women Out Of Our Natural Desire To Admire Strong Men

No, ‘The Great Reset’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory. It’s Happening Before Our Eyes

They tell you: World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’


‘He’s a Shell of His Former Self’

Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick reports on Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. McCormick worked with Biden for six years, beginning in 2011, but says Biden is “a much different person now” who has to be propped up by aides.

“He’s lost so much,” he said. “He’s a shell of his former self.”

Get the book: Joe Biden, Unauthorized.


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