‘People Are Tired of the Propaganda’

War Room reacts to the disgusting treatment of the National Guard stationed in DC. After using them for photo ops, troops were “thrown away like trash,” and sent to sleep in parking garages in freezing weather with one outdoor toilet.  Stephen K. Bannon explains how this is another part of psychological warfare campaign against the American people.

Plus, Biden has no political capital, going into this faux regime with an anemic approval rating that is much lower than Obama or President Trump.

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‘This is Erasing Women’

Executive Director of the American Principles Project Terry Schilling joins the show to explain how the Biden regime is out to destroy an entire generation of women. The ripple effect of allowing boys to take over girls sports will crush women’s opportunities and futures. “This is erasing women,” Schilling says. 

The good news: the War Room audience affects real change. You can help mobilize against Biden’s executive order that forces radical gender ideology in our schools, through the courts and putting pressure on Congress.

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The Front Line 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, tells War Room “we’re going to be busy” on the front lines of preserving law and order under threats from the Biden regime.

Paxton previews the biggest battles ahead, predicting the left’s radical global warming agenda will be at the forefront because “if they can get that, they can shut down the oil and gas industry.”

Paxton also urges President Trump to show the evidence of election fraud during the senate impeachment trial because if America does not fix its elections and get rid of mail-in ballot schemes, “we’ll never have credible elections” again. Follow @KenPaxtonTX

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‘I’m Taking Them to Court’


Mike Lindell responds to the degrading smear put out by the Daily Mail: see you in court. 

After joining War Room for the full second hour sharing his powerful testimony and evangelical faith, the Daily Mail put out lies about Lindell and actress Jane Krakowski, even though she says, “I’ve never met the man.” 

“I’m taking them to court,” Lindell says. “This is defamation. First they attack my company…but this is different. You go after my integrity and my word you better look out.”


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