‘The Problem is the Receipts’

War Room discusses Big Media’s approval reaching at an all-time low, and how best to approach the upcoming senate impeachment trial. If the damning evidence of voter fraud is presented, it will be Republican establishment senators who are on trial.

Boris Epshteyn reacts to the no-show Biden regime’s fake inauguration: “The only demonstrations were the rioting and the looting in Portland.”

Trust in traditional media at an all-time low

75% of Republicans, 36% of independents think Biden is illegitimate

‘The Most Popular President Ever’ Is Getting DESTROYED By ‘Dislikes’ On YouTube

‘You’re Asking Dwayne Haskins to be Tom Brady’

Peter Navarro explains the Biden regime’s attempted deconstruction of the America First agenda through executive orders. Navarro explains why Joe Biden will never be Donald Trump: “You’re asking Dwayne Hoskins to be Tom Brady.” Follow @RealPNavarro.

Navarro Report

Biden makes zero mention of China in inaugural address

Biden Regime Opens the Border

Ben Bergquam, correspondent Real America’s Voice, reports live from the U.S.-Mexico border on the detrimental shift in immigration policy with the illegitimate Biden regime. The impending end of the remain in Mexico policy, and more caravans will mean lower wages for American workers in  a struggling economy. 

Americans must band together against granting amnesty to an estimated 30 million illegal aliens, or else “this country’s sovereignty is gone,” Bergquam says. 

Shields Up

Historian Michael Walsh joins War Room to talk about his latest book Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All is Lost. Walsh shares lessons from other cultures throughout history, and why American patriots must put their shields up and band together now.

Find Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All Is Lost here.


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