‘This is a Grind’

War Room regroups after witnessing a faux inauguration for the uniparty, and tells the Deplorables to buck up and get to work. 

Bush tells Clyburn he saved the uniparty

Law professor: Election fraud evidence significant

‘Winston Churchill, Here We Go’

Rogan O’Handley, aka DC Draino, has a plan for how we can keep the MAGA movement growing, with bare-knuckle politics and President Trump as Speaker of the House. “Ok, this is a crazy idea but hear me out…” War Room explains why this type of creative thinking is imperative to nationalize the midterm elections, because we cannot wait until 2024.

“These people are relentless,” O’Handley says. “We have to fight on that level.”

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‘It’s Better to Wear Out Than Rust Out’

Conservative columnist Ken Blackwell offers a plan of action for the Deplorables: it starts in the state legislatures that are in session now to fix the election process. Blackwell says we must turn 2022 into a reprise of 2010 to stop the establishment from turning America into a one-party state.

“The republic as we know it is just a generation away from fundamental change and destruction,” Blackwell says. “We have to be engaged. Borrowing from Teddy Roosevelt, it is better to wear out than rust out.”


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How to Stop the Radical Gender Identity Agenda

Terry Schilling, executive director of the American Principles Project, explains the dangerous new Biden regime executive order that forces left-wing ideology on gender into our schools, every federal agency and department, and throughout the health care system. But the real danger is the so-called Equality Act, which up to 15 Republicans are getting ready to support, to make radical gender identity politics the law of the land. 

Read about the Equality Act.
Take action. 


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