The CEO of My Pillow joined War Room for an entire hour to share his powerful testimony of how his personal relationship with Jesus Christ changed his life. He broke some news, too: Lindell has the receipts of the election fraud.

Lindell says his evidence of election fraud holds up “100%,” and promises that it will all be revealed. “The truth will come out,” he said. This is on God’s timing. Everybody keep the faith, God’s got this.” Lindell’s bold conviction has made him a number one target of the left, as they are trying to destroy his business and his reputation.

Even still, Lindell vows, “I’m never going to back down.”

Fight back by telling Bed Bath Beyond (Call 1-800-462-3966), Wayfair (Call 877-929-3247), Kohl’s (Call 855-564-5705), Kroger (1-800-576-4377) what you think about them kowtowing to the cancel culture by dropping My Pillow.

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