‘A Government Without Voters’

War Room reacts to the pathetic faux inauguration of Joe Biden with Peter Navarro, who is currently stuck inside the Green Zone. The event was as sparsely attended as a division III high school football game, with the highlight being Biden calling for unity, and moments later smearing half the country as domestic terrorists.

Watch: Bill Clinton falls asleep during Biden’s speech

Photos: 2017 vs. 2021 

Not an administration. A regime.

Badge of Honor: Bannon, Navarro, Pompeo Put on Sanctions List by CCP

Minutes into the Chinese Communist Party’s chosen candidate’s administration, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Stephen K. Bannon, and Peter Navarro were put on the CCP’s sanction list. Peter Navarro reacts to the establishment’s fake kumbaya at the Capitol versus President Trump’s graciousness at Joint Base Andrews.

Biden’s CCP masters celebrate 

Watch: President Trump’s speech


War Room foreshadows the coming weeks of the Biden regime, predicting more censorship, and more lock downs. Peter Navarro explains why what happens in the next 48 hours will determine what happens for the next four years.

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