‘This is a Complete and Total Farce’ 

An empty national mall and more troops than people is the big reveal: Joe Biden did not get 81 million votes. “This is a scam that has been run on the American people,” says Stephen K. Bannon. “The American people are going to see through this.” Plus, Boris Epshteyn recalls what it’s like to be at an inauguration four years ago of President Trump, a president who actually has support and supporters.


This is what Democracy looks like?

The numbers don’t lie. Jack Posobiec shares new polling data from Rasmussen that asked how much of the inauguration of the Biden regime are people going to watch? Thirty-two percent said none of it

81 million “votes”: DC is total ghost town

CROWDS OF PATRIOTIC SUPPORTERS in West Palm Beach Already Preparing for President Trump’s Arrival


An Inauguration for the Swamp, ‘The People Be Damned’

Rudy Giuliani says the nonexistent inauguration crowd for illegitimate Joe Biden is fitting, because it’s an inauguration for the establishment, and the establishment alone. Giuliani says the illegitimacy of the Biden regime will not be lost on the American people, and shares his thoughts on how to get the evidence out of the stolen election during the senate impeachment trial.


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