The New Stasi Is Being Formed

A chilling new video reveals exactly what leftists want: a new Stasi. Half of Americans are “domestic terrorists,” according to the video released by author Don Winslow calling for a citizen police force to report on conservatives. If you support the most popular Republican president in modern history, you are equivalent to following Osama Bin Laden and must be hunted down. War Room recommends watching The Lives of Others to show the dark reality if the left gets its way.

Watch: The Left wants a secret police force to inform on Trump supporters

Trailer: The Lives of Others

Flashback Eric Garcetti: ‘Snitches get rewards’

Twitter Senior Executive Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale


‘A Potemkin Village of an Inauguration’

We’re told he got 81 million votes — the most in history — then where are they? War Room pulls the curtain back on illegitimate Joe Biden’s “Potemkin village of an inauguration” where nobody shows up. It’s a fitting representation for an administration that lacks consent of the governed from a stolen election. “It’s an inauguration without citizens. It’s a government without input.”

Images from DC show flags representing inauguration crowds
More troops than people: 30,000 troops in empty DC 

Bill Barr Just Jammed Up the President of the United States

Former Attorney General Bill Barr came out on the last day of President Trump’s first term to join Big Media’s moving of the goalposts that claims of voter fraud “incited” the Capitol Hill riot. If that’s the case, Bill Barr incited it himself: for questioning the legitimacy of mail-in ballots in the fall, and then when mail-in ballot fraud was committed he did nothing about it.


Bill Barr gives interview to join Big Media false narrative

Incitement? Bill Barr questioned the legitimacy of mail-in ballots

Barr said China was interfering in the election — then did nothing about it


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