The Mask Is Off
The uniparty has revealed itself, as Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer give identical speeches on the senate floor. Boris Epshteyn joins War Room to explain the establishment’s goal to eradicate President Trump.
‘This is Not a Peaceful Transition of Power’
Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam explain the politicization of the military for insufficient loyalty to the left and how Biden’s “56 pillars of light” inauguration with no people is reminiscent of another illegitimate regime in history.
Connect, Share, Push Out
War Room explains the psychological campaign against Trump supporters underway to isolate and induce learned helplessness. The key is to disrupt the avalanche of lies of the fake election, the fake inauguration, and the theater of power with the truth. Kassam urges President Trump to speak unfiltered directly to the American people.
‘The Story of America is a Story of Overcoming’
Dr. Carol Swain, director of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission, joins War Room to discuss the important new Trump administration report on the true history of America’s founding. Dr. Swain stresses the importance of reading the original documents and to reject critical race theory and cultural Marxism, which seeks to divide rather than unify.

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