Giuliani: Bill Barr Interview Was ‘Treacherous’

Rudy Giuliani slammed Bill Barr saying “it was treacherous” for Barr to blame President Trump for the Capitol Hill riot, while leaving out the damning evidence that antifa organized the attack and infiltrated the protests. “[Antifa] deliberately planned it irrespective of anything,” Giuliani said. “And secondly, the claims of voter fraud are true.” Plus, Giuliani reveals the evidence is still pouring in, and he just received three more affidavits of evidence of voter fraud yesterday. 

Giuliani Breaks Down Senate Trial Strategy Exposing Election Fraud

Rudy Giuliani explains the two strategies President Trump is considering for the impeachment show trial, and how the senate trial can be used to show the American people “six states were stolen.” “The fraud has been calculated down to the vote,” Giuliani said. More: Rudy’s Common Sense.

Frank Biden tells how brother Joe refused to let Hunter feel guilty for laptop from hell 


Illegal Immigration: ‘It Is Going to Get Worse’

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, foreshadows the new immigration policy of the illegitimate Biden administration: full amnesty without the empty promises of future border security. Follow @MarkSKrikorian Visit: The Center for Immigration Studies.




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