The MAGA Movement is Only Growing

Trump 2020 advisor Boris Epshteyn reveals what happens when you stab your constituents in the back: unanimous censure for Liz Cheney in Wyoming. Epshteyn predicts Cheney will not be representing Wyoming Republicans in Congress by 2022.

Boris Epshteyn Says America Today Feels Like His Childhood in Soviet Union

Banning books and censoring speech against the regime. It sounds too familiar to Trump 2020 advisor Boris Epshteyn who grew up in the Soviet Union. The current situation in the United States “feels like communist Soviet Union, 1984,” Epshteyn says. “The inability to speak your mind and use your speech…why? Because they dare to say there was election fraud, which there was.” Epshteyn’s advice to Americans who don’t want this dystopian future: “If you cower in fear, nothing good is going to happen.”

The City is More of an Armed Camp Than in 1861 

Raheem Kassam breaks down the over the top and embarrassing occupied Green Zone that is now D.C., where you’re asked for credentials even if you are a resident of Capitol Hill. 

Grifters Gonna Grift

A National Pulse exclusive exposes how the grifters at the Lincoln Project lined their pockets with at least $10 million, just days after co-founder Al Weaver was forced to resign for sending sexually explicit messages to young men. Raheem Kassam says stay tuned: more damning information about the anti-Trump group is coming.

CloutHub CEO Returns to the War Room

CloutHub CEO Jeff Brain explains how his free speech haven is different from other platforms and how CloutHub is working to prevent censorship from tech oligarchs.



Today’s Receipts…

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Anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Funneled Over $10 Million To Its Own Founders’ Companies

The National Pulse: Why the CCP is a Transnational Criminal group

Joe Biden Is ‘Compromised’ By Communist China

FBI ‘vetting’ 25,000 National Guard troops in DC

China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence Assesses

Senior CIA officials pressured analysts to withdraw assessment

75% of Republicans Believe Voter Fraud Benefited Biden

30% of Democrats believe it’s ‘very likely’ their own party won the election through illegitimate means

Trump Gains With Hispanic Voters Nothing Short of Startling


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