He Won: President Trump Gained 60 Points in Most Hispanic County in Nation

Trump 2020 senior advisor Steve Cortes presents the strategy for how to protect the America First movement from an impending “carpet bomb” from the illegitimate Biden administration. Cortes shares more evidence on how President Trump brought working class Hispanic voters into the Republican Party, including a historic 60 percent gain in Starr County, the most Hispanic county in the country.

Trump Gains With Hispanic Voters Nothing Short of Startling

Bannon to the Deplorables: Mobilize, Mobilize, Mobilize

Chris Chmielenski of Numbers USA joins War Room to discuss how to stop the coming mass amnesty “monstrosity” disguised as immigration reform. Stephen K. Bannon urges the President’s supporters to “mobilize, mobilize, mobilize” in full opposition to the uniparty’s attempted undoing of America First policies.

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Cortes to GOP Senators: Grow a Spine 

“It’s terrible that so many GOP senators don’t have principle,” says Steve Cortes. “But the good thing about them not having principle is that they succumb to pressure.”


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