Breaking: Another Antifa Arrest 

Jack Posobiec has all the details of the arrest of Daniel Alan Baker, another antifa member plotting an attack on Trump supporters. Stephen K. Bannon calls out Big Media for hiding the breaking news: “You’re information warfare and we’re not going to tolerate it.”

Antifa member plotting attack on inauguration day

Ric Grenell calls for release of Victoria Nuland emails on dossier

Uber hides ad featuring left-wing activist charged in Capitol riot

‘I’m Almost Getting Tired of Winning Here’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released previously undisclosed information illnesses inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology before the first cases of the outbreak and discloses secret Chinese military activity at the lab — confirming what War Room has reported for over a year.

READ: State Department report on Wuhan Institute of Virology 

War Room reports on Wuhan lab last year

Flashback: WHO tweets Wuhan virus not contagious 

‘She Couldn’t Win a Primary for Dogcatcher’

Wyoming GOP Chairman Frank Eathorne joins War Room and reveals what the winning model is for Republicans: stand up for your supporters. Liz Cheney is so finished in Wyoming with GOP voters after she smeared all MAGA as a “mob” that she “couldn’t win a primary for dogcatcher.”

Read Wyoming GOP’s scathing letter to RINO Cheney

    • Navarro: Democrats Are Being Treasonous by Turning a Blind Eye to CCP

Peter Navarro reacts to the explosive disclosure by the State Department regarding China’s cover up of the Wuhan virus and calls out Democrats for providing cover for the CCP.

War Room was ahead of the game on the Wuhan ‘bat lady’


Watch the full episode here.





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