• Shifting the Goalposts

War Room talks about the prospects of a sham impeachment trial starting as early as next Friday, as the Big Media propaganda machine starts changing the narrative since it’s impossible to incite violence when you call for peace. 

Mitch washes his hands


  • What Are They Hiding?

The FBI’s advertised Friday “press briefing” leaves more questions than answers, as Big Media’s narrative continues to change as more evidence of leftist involvement emerges.

Changing narrative: No evidence of ‘kill or capture teams’

Flashback: Prosecutors said non-MAGA ‘Shaman’ was behind non-existent capture plans

Climate change ‘Shaman’ on hunger strike, demands organic food


  • We’re in the Midst of a Cultural Revolution 

War Room responds to latest developments in the ongoing cultural revolution unleashed on America by the left.

Harvard ousted Rep. Stefanik to please ‘woke Left’

Students and faculty push blacklists of conservatives at Harvard


  • Dem Gov Using Economic Warfare in New Jersey

Ian Smith, owner of Atilis Gym, updates War Room on his stand against Phil Murphy’s tyranny in New Jersey, where the state has now seized hundreds of thousands of dollars to crush the local business in court. “He’s after small business…so all of his buddies in Big Business can continue to prosper.” Follow: @IanSmithFitness. Support the Atilis Gym.

NJ Gov seizes $173,000 from gym owner who defied him


The Receipts…

We know: Lock downs don’t work

Declassified memos: Steele leaked Russia collusion narrative to counteract Clinton email scandal

Dem ‘star witness’ Fiona Hill introduced Christopher Steele to his disinformation subsource

Flashback: Fiona Hill compared President Trump’s victory in 2016 to the Bolshevik revolution 

Trump admin sanctions more CCP companies

Dorsey caught: Twitter censorship machine ‘much bigger’ than the President’s account 

Parler CEO: ‘We’re gonna come back’

Twitter gives thumbs up to CCP tweets denying forced labor in Xinjiang

Twitter suspends Kassam

It begins: First primary challenger arises in Michigan against RINO who betrayed Trump

A domestic terrorism bill only antifa could love

Who incited the violence at President Trump’s first inauguration?

Flashback: Color revolutions explained


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