It Begins: First Primary Challenger Announces Against Pro-Impeachment RINO

Tom Norton, an America First veteran, tells War Room why he will primary Michigan Congressman Peter Meijer, who after 10 days on the job has already betrayed his constituents by voting for the sham impeachment. Visit:

Plus: Declassification update

Dem ‘star witness’ Fiona Hill introduced Christopher Steele to his disinformation subsource


Bannon: ‘The Common Sense, Grit, Determination of the American People Will Not Be Thwarted’

“‘Democracy dies in darkness’ was not a warning, but a playbook.” War Room reacts as Raheem Kassam is censored by Twitter while on air, explains how America is up against the “largest psychological operation” in history, and how the people can win against the ruling class. 

Flashback: Fiona Hill compared President Trump’s victory in 2016 to the Bolshevik revolution 


Michael Yon Explains Psyop Tactics

Combat correspondent Michael Yon explains why what we saw on Jan. 6 was a “massive false flag operation.” Follow @Michael_Yon. Visit: Michael Yon on Patreon.




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