Giuliani Reveals Evidence of Antifa Provocateurs at Capitol Hill

Rudy Giuliani has uncovered evidence that at least 200 antifa members instigated violence on Jan. 6 to stage a riot to hurt President Trump.

Plus: ‘DC is an armed camp…on the 6th they had a couple of bicycle racks.’
Up to 21,000 National Guard troops now authorized in DC
Flashback: John Sullivan threatened to attack President Trump and called for ‘revolution’

Giuliani: ‘We’re Not Stopping on Jan. 20’

Rudy Giuliani dissects the events of Jan. 6 and assesses where we go from here: “We’re not stopping on Jan. 20. We owe it to America to figure out how we had our presidency stolen from us.”

Where Big Tech, Big Media and BLM/Antifa Meet

Raheem Kassam, Jack Posobiec, and Michael Yon reveal how left-wing provocateurs infiltrated the MAGA peaceful protest and then used Big Tech and Big Media to promote their propaganda.

John Sullivan encouraged intruders into Capitol
CNN promoted an actual left-wing insurrectionist

Guess What, We’re Winning

Jack Posobiec reveals the unreported Rasmussen’s overnight tracking poll has President Trump’s approval rating up to 51.7%.


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