Bannon: ‘The Trial of Donald Trump is the Answered Prayer’

War Room breaks down prospects of a motion to dismiss the sham impeachment in the Senate with Boris Epshteyn.

Flashback: Motion to dismiss included in previous rules

Kerik: ‘John Sullivan wasn’t the only guy from BLM there’

Bernard Kerik breaks down how leftists planned for days in advance to infiltrate and incite violence during the peaceful MAGA protest. Kerik says the arrest of radical BLM activist John Sullivan is “just the beginning.” Follow @BernardKerik.

Left-wing rioter John Sullivan charged in Capitol riot

Read the indictment

Wyoming GOP Unleashes on RINO Cheney

While the Washington hive protects Liz Cheney, the Wyoming GOP is giving voice to her constituents — and they aren’t happy. Follow @jackmaxey1. Contact Wyoming GOP.

Read the letter.

Anger and frustration ‘palpable.’ 

‘Our telephone has not stopped ringing…’

BREAKING: Trump to Declassify More Obamagate Docs

Rudy’s receipts.

Trump declassifies Christopher Steele’s debriefings and Stefan Halper’s instructions

How to Fast and Pray

Drew Mason, founder of St. Joseph’s Precious Metals, returns to talk about the Fast for the USA. Learn more. 

Watch the full episode here.


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