The day after the House’s Moscow show trial where 10 RINOs betrayed their voters and the Constitution, Stephen K. Bannon has a message: “We’re actually winning this.” Democrats are overplaying their hand and we have more receipts on why “Yes, President Trump Won.” Populist patriots are standing together and doubling down on the fight for election integrity, and fighting the purge.

Where We Are and What’s Next

Perfect call. Perfect speech. Perfect President.

War Room refutes Big Media propaganda pushing the uniparty’s “bipartisan” impeachment, predicts what’s in store for the 10 RINOs who voted against the President, and explain how Liz Cheney could be kicked out of leadership.

The Insurrection Lie

CNN: This was not spontaneous, ‘all planned out’

Miller: ‘They Want to Ctl-Alt-Del His Entire Presidency’

War Room contemplates a silver lining for this moment: Democrats are taking their masks off and exposing their hatred for half the country. Follow @JasonMillerinDC.

Twice as many troops in DC than in Afghanistan and Iraq

Watch: President Trump condemns violence, blasts Big Tech censorship

Fang Fang’s lover chosen as impeachment manager 

Leftist Violence Goes Down the Memory Hole

“The nullification project started an hour after we won at 2:30 a.m. in New York City…it never stopped.” Democrats are trying to memory hole the leftist violence against America that never abated during President Trump’s first term.

FLASHBACK: Democrats riot in attempts to stop a peaceful transition of power when Trump was inaugurated

Declassify everything

GA Purges Patriots Who Stood Up Against Fraud

The Purge is underway in Georgia. State senator Brandon Beach joins War Room after he was stripped of his committee chairmanship for standing up for election integrity. Follow @burtjonesforga.

Georgia GOP State Senators Who Fought for Election Integrity Stripped of Committee Chairmanships

Heroes: Brandon Beach, Burt Jones, Greg Dolezal, William Ligon, Matt Brass, Tyler Harper, Marty Harbin, Bruce Thompson, and Steve Gooch called for special session

Flashback: Trump says RINOs will be to blame for election losses in GA

GA Patriots Join War Room

State senators Brandon Beach and Burt Jones update War Room on the ongoing fight for election integrity in Georgia to get access to potential fraudulent ballots in Fulton County. Follow @BeachforGA.

Unconstitutional consent decree signed between GA and Russia collusion hoax firm

Jovan Pulitzer testimony in Georgia 

The Receipts

Yes, President Trump Won

10 RINOs who voted against Trump and the Constitution

Cheney should be removed, Jordan says

Why they hate Trump

Rumble sues Google

The Insurrection Lie

What did the Speaker know?

20,000 troops to DC

Chief NASA scientist worked with CCP, lied about China ties

Parler files response in lawsuit against Amazon

91% of Trump supporters stick with him

‘I support him more than I ever did.’

ICYMI: Father Pavone’s Prayer for the Nation

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