American Bondholders Foundation President and Founder Jonna Z. Bianco joined Stephen K. Bannon on War Room: Pandemic to explain why the Trump Administration must hold China accountable for $1.8 trillion in sovereign bond debt owed, especially amid economic devastation brought on by the CCP Virus.

“The American people realize that in the middle of this pandemic, in the middle of this economic devastation bestowed upon us by China, not one Democrat is calling to hold China accountable. There’s only one person, President Donald J. Trump, who will hold China accountable and make them pay. #BeijingBiden is not going to hold China accountable — he and the Democrats are the CCP.” 

She went on to urge the Trump Administration to use American Bondholders Foundation’s proposed debt swap to repatriate the $1.8 trillion now owed by China and apply that toward the debt the United States owes them, which we pay back in $72 million daily increments:

“President Donald J. Trump needs to tell Secretary Mnuchin to stop backing China, stand up for the American people, bring in these bonds, and use them to offset the debt that we owe to China. Let that money go to the American people. While they play politics on Capitol Hill between Mnuchin and Pelosi, American people are suffering at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. These funds can be used for that. Hold China accountable.” 

Watch the clip here:

American Bondholders Foundation just released a brand new video that goes more into depth on the history behind the issue and their proposed resolution. They are calling on our government to hold China accountable and make China pay its bills.



Watch the whole episode here:


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