Steve Bannon, Jack Maxey, Raheem Kassam, and Greg Manz bring you a special episode of War Room with the new group known as the Conservative Clergy of Color featuring Bishop Aubrey Shines, Reverend Derek McCoy, Reverend Francisco Vega and Pastor MJ Reid.

Aired On: 06/15/2020


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Show Notes

  1. Of course there is systemic racism in America and it’s in the Democratic Party:
  1. Rayshard Brooks case is not ‘clear cut’: Raynard Jackson:
  1. Raynard Jackson to Trump: Joy Reid, Don Lemon “Putting More Poison In The Black Community Than Any Drug Dealer”:
  1. Conservative Clergy of Color:
  1. Medical Examiner’s Autopsy Reveals George Floyd Had Positive Test For Coronavirus:
  1. We Build The Wall:
  1. $900K in counterfeit money seized at border in northern Minnesota:
  1. Atlanta police shooting: Rayshard Brooks death declared homicide:
  1. Trump kicks off week with Biden broadside: ‘He’s weak & shot!’:
  1. Chinese consulates deploying ‘mask diplomacy’ in U.S. communities:
  1. Rantz: Militant Antifa group policing CHOP or CHAZ:
  1. EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Weekend At CHAZ: Here’s The Latest From Our Reporters On The Ground In Seattle’s Autonomous Zone:
  1. Statement fitted so neatly with French Revolution:
  1. Skepticism looms over police reform deal: https:
  1. GOP senator says he supports national chokehold ban:
  1. Seattle police chief has ‘epiphany’ while still locked out of precinct:
  1. Seattle’s mayor and police chief diverge on autonomous zone:
  1. Sadiq Khan criticised over boarding up statues as PM says it is ‘absurd and shameful’ they are under attack:
  1. WATCH: Seattle Protesters Shout Down MSNBC Reporter For Calling Demonstrations ‘Street Festival’:
  1. Meet Raz Simone, The Alleged ‘Warlord’ Of The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone:
  1. Report: Seattle Police Set To Reclaim ‘CHAZ’ Amid Ongoing Protests:
  1. London protests leave 23 police officers injured as 113 arrested after demos:
  1. Police force warns officers who don’t kneel at Black Lives Matter rallies that they may be targeted by protesters:
  1. ‘A political football’: When Malcolm X, American Muslim minister and human rights activist, warned African Americans about ‘liberals’:
  2. Pompeo to meet with Chinese officials in Hawaii amid escalating tensions:
  3. Hedge-fund manager Kyle Bass under SEC scrutiny over criticism of Texas real-estate lender:

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