Steve Bannon, Jack Maxey, and Raheem Kassam discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as the Chinese Communist Party escalates its information and economic war with those it feels are a threat to the CCP’s legitimacy. To highlight more on the CCP’s wars, calling in is Gordon Chang and General Robert Spalding. Jack Posobiec joins the crew in-studio.

Aired On: 06/01/2020


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Show Notes

1. Fires, Looting, Tear Gas: DC in Turmoil Following 3rd Night of Protests and Vandalism:

2. Trump says he’ll designate antifa a terror organization, blames group for violence at George Floyd protests:

3. Bannon: We saw two alternative futures for America yesterday:

4. WaPo Publishes ‘AntiFa Historian’ – Condemned by His Own College for Endorsing Violence – Who ADMITS International, Violent Nature of Group:

5. IN PICTURES: White House Area Smashed by AntiFa/BLMRioters and Looters

6. Seven things you need to know about Antifa:

7.  Historic Church Near White House Damaged Amid Unrest; Leaders Pray for Healing:

8. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s son declares support for ANTIFA:

9. Hong Kong blocks Tiananmen vigil; rush on for UK passports:

10. Gordon G. Chang: Trump is right to ditch 5 decades of failed US – China engagement policy:

11. Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept:


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