Frequent guest and resident virus-hunter Dr. Steven Hatfill has noted that Chinese state media is now reporting that Russia is CLOSING ITS BORDER with its frenemy, China.

Dr. Hatfill has provided War Room: Pandemic with the following EXCLUSIVE ANALYSIS:

This is a significant event for Russia to close its border with China in spite of continuing good relations and economic cooperation and the potential economic fall back on Moscow.

I believe this reflects the fact that Russian scientists and health experts are now convinced that China has no hope of controlling the COVID-19 outbreak inside its border in the near future. The Russians expect that the disease will continue to spread and infect an ever-increasing number of Chinese citizens and that without a border closure it will eventually spill over into Russia.

I would not even be surprised if the Russians move additional Russian Army ground forces into its South East border areas in an attempt to “clean out” and push back the large number of informal colonial-type Chinese settlements that have migrated across the Soviet border over the last 30-years (see figure below).

I believe this border closure is a definitive confirmation of just how serious this outbreak is becoming inside China. Or it is at least an
indication that Russia is just as much in the dark about the “ground-truth” in China as the United States is.

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