On Episode 70 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon and guest Michael Walsh discuss a key takeaways from yesterday’s election in the United Kingdom for the 2020 election: Democratic policies embracing socialism and anti-Semitism are not well-received. 

Bannon outlines: “The Labour voters rejected this toxic combination of socialism and anti-Semitism where the Democratic Party in the United States is going. Big government socialism and virulent anti-semitism I think was rejected more-so than even Jeremy Corbyn as a personality.”

He describes what this signals for the Democratic Party in 2020: “That to me is a lesson for the Democratic Party better listen to because populism is on the rise. The party Boris Johnson going to is more of the unclubbable than this Oxford/Cambridge [sect]. They didn’t want the contagion of populism informally agreed to by having a deal with Nigel Farage. I think the voters are sending a very different conservative party to London, and it has huge ramifications.”

He adds: “I think this tees up the Democratic Party, [specifically] the Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren ‘Squad’ route that Donald Trump could literally win a Reagan-type 1984 victory [in 2020].”

Walsh adds: “This does not just happen in one country. These movements become almost impossible to control once they expand and Brexit was definitely a canary in the coal mine for our own elections.”

Bannon concludes: “We have said from day one that the Brexit movement and the Trump movement are inextricably linked. You could see that in 2016. We knew as soon as Brexit won and the scale it won at there really could be this populist uprising in the United States, and it happened.”